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As I hear your voice, it sets my heart on fire, that with all the noise
It sets my heart on fire, and I can't stop the reels from turning
I can't stop the tape machine, as I hear your voice
It sets my heart on fire, my heart on fire

Lay back down, I told myself
You're buried in earth, I told myself
Lay back down, I told myself
How could I ever forget you?



I still don't know if this is totally finished dkbkfg

I love ~Flaaffy so much but sometimes it's really hard for us to be together and stay strong. Not because of ourselves, but because of outside forces. We're rarely allowed to see each other anymore. It gets hard. But we make it because we want it so much. We'll fight for this through everything. We've come this far and we aren't giving up any time soon. Though he may not be physically with me as much as we'd like, he's always close in my heart and mind. Though I miss seeing him every day, I still look forward to actually seeing him when I can and I cherish every moment that he's near.

That said, spending 2012 with this man has been absolutely amazing. Kind of wild but I wouldn't trade it. We've learned so much about each other and we've grown really close. When I drew my New Year's picture() last year, I knew. That image was to signify us running into 2012 together, happy and excited, ready to take it on. And I think we did just that. It's gotten rough because of some things but we've pulled through because we know we're worth it.

This time, it's about making everything our own. About realizing our true potential. About giving it all we've got. About appreciating everything that's brought us this far. About being us. About never backing down. It's about dedication and determination. Passion and intensity. It's about us.

Here we go.

I love you, Bradley. I can't thank you enough for always being by my side no matter what. For always fighting for me in the same way I will always fight for you.
And look, you're literally in my heart here.
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December 27, 2012
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