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A fox I'm sculpting out of white stoneware. (it's Mitsubishi for ~Flaaffy! <3)

I'm in Ceramics class(taking it as Ceramics II) and our assignment was to pick an animal that would represent us, like a totem. I picked a fox because come on are there really any other animals. I decided to stray out a little and make him just curled up and asleep. I smoothed him out a lot after this picture but this is all I have as of right now.

I'm still very much a beginner at this, though after doing it for two years I don't hate it as much as I did when I started. I have more fun when I'm not restricted to "make a box" or "make some bracelets". "Make an animal" is way better for me and that's when I have more fun and enjoy working with clay.

We've been using red stoneware but white has always been my favorite. It's softer and easier to work with, and it cracks less. Not to mention that it's way easier to glaze.

I'm excited to finish this! I want to find a way to detail it well, though. I'm letting it harden very slowly(it's wrapped in 2 plastic bags which keeps it moist to work with later, but I left them a bit open this time) so that I can carve into it a little easier. That's mostly to hollow it out a little more.

I'll post him when he's finished!

Edit: Posted more! Let's go in order, left to right~ (Updated 3/9/13)
1. Sculpted him and hollowed him out some
2. Orange underglaze
3. Added his markings
4. More markings
5. More
6. Markings
7. Fired! But the glaze came out weird and left a lot of spots.. eugh
8. More yuck fireglaze :c
9. Reglazing some bits. Patchy baby :c
10. Mitsu with another student's bunny, and a bunch of paper stars I was making that day.

Edit 2: He's done now! I thought I had taken more pictures but I guess not. He came out pretty great! I gave him to ~Flaaffy
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January 27, 2013
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